Transforming Fear into Beauty

Transforming Fear into Beauty  On the individual level as well as the collective whole, existential–“the state of existing, being; continuance in being or life . . .”–and spiritual fears seem to almost cripple many persons today.  The political unrest and uncertainty of our leadership structure with a seemingly unethical and a lack of compassion and empathy […]
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Daughters and Father: The Relationship ©

The Problem In our African American community, the lack of active and engaging black fathers in the lives of their children is well documented. The physical absence is one thing, the economic impact another; and, the emotional and psychological absenteeism is dramatically problematic. Not only is this true for sons—where most of the attention is […]
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Maturation: A Lifelong Experience

A predominate theme that continues to evolve over and again from my clinical experience centers on individual interest in and fear of maturation in this life.   In other words, people, regardless of age (children, young people and adults alike), ethnicity, religious/denominational connections, gender or sexual orientation, single, married, divorced or divorcing, want to enhance their […]
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